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Visiting the Dentist Can be Pain Free with Dr. Vanek

DentistMany adults are fearful of visiting the dentist due to past bad experiences or anxieties formed over time. The reality is that our team approach to modern dentistry is completely different than what you may have experienced previously. New techniques and procedures have made dental work a comfortable experience, especially when working with the skilled team at Vanek Dentistry especially including Dr. Vanek himself. With a combined experience of over 60 years, and 12+ years working together, its immediately obvious on your first new patient visit that this a a different approach than what you may be used to.

The key to having a pleasant dental experience is working with a skilled dental team that offers various levels of pain-free, anxiety reducing and sedation dentistry. This can involve something as simple as a relaxing environment with music and movies to new types of localized anesthesia before fixing a cavity or laughing gas to help calm the nerves. Patients of Vanek Dentistry consistently give us good reviews for how comfortable they are during dental procedures. One of many examples, here is what our patient Shelly thinks about her experience: “Dr. Vanek did my veneers… & they turned out perfect, painless and easy…”

Even cosmetic procedures like dental veneers can be painless when working with the right dentist. It is important to understand how skill and experience play a direct role in a positive dental visit. Dr. Vanek was formerly a proctor for the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and a member of the Academy of Osseo Integration, the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Not only does he know dentistry, he teaches it & is a lifetime student all at the same time! Reading patient reviews is an excellent way to find out if your dental provider can deliver results while keeping you comfortable. We encourage new and current patients to read our reviews to find out how happy people are with the results of their dental work and how painless the process was.

Another way to avoid dental pain is to receive ongoing preventative care and practice a good oral hygiene routine at home. Dr. Vanek recommends that patients have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. This allows our dental hygienists to remove bacteria and plaque from on, around, and in between your teeth before these bacteria spread and create a cavity or gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned is easy and will only take an hour for each appointment a few times per year. Even the busiest people can squeeze in time due to our convenient location and easy parking. The benefits to your long term health cannot be exaggerated; preventing heart disease and chronic inflammation are the keys to halting premature aging. Meanwhile, stopping cavities before they form will help prevent dental pain because even if a small cavity is discovered it can lead to biting and chewing that becomes painful.

By not having your teeth regularly cleaned you are at a greater risk of the silent killer- chronic infection. When a tooth infection starts to grow it can infect the center of the tooth, dental pulp, and even the root system. This can become extremely painful and make it difficult to eat normally. Not only does it lead to premature aging or even death at an advanced age, but Dr. Vanek had to treat a young patient in his early twenties after that young man spent 5 days in the hospital prior to seeing him because he ignored his tooth infections! Unfortunately, many people will avoid necessary treatment for fear that it will make the pain worse but in reality it is the exact opposite. Dr. Vanek performs root canals on a regular basis and the procedure is done in a specific way to help avoid any discomfort. Nowadays, the pain only comes before visiting the dentist, not while you are with Dr-V. Our patient Christine Savan, recently said, “I always postponed my root canal appointment until it really started to bother me. I was surprised to find out it was as easy as a filling.”

If you are in pain or concerned about tooth sensitivity, schedule an appointment by calling Edith right away. We will clean your teeth on the 1st visit and Dr. Vanek will examine them to determine if any cavities or signs of gum disease are present. If so, he can provide treatment quickly and help you to feel better immediately because at Vanek Dentistry we reserve special time every day for dental emergencies too!

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Dr. Eric Vanek, d.d.s

Eric has been a practicing dental surgeon for over 20 years and is the owner of Vanek Dentistry, a family dental practice in Costa Mesa, CA.

Published August 26, 2014. Updated December 15, 2023

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