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Three Things You Should Know About Orthodontics

If you are considering straightening your teeth with orthodontics, we encourage you to visit our dental office for an examination and consultation. We can conduct a physical exam, take x-rays, and discuss what you do not like about your smile in order to come up with a game plan for how to address those issues. In our office, we can straighten your teeth with orthodontic solutions or using cosmetic dentistry. This provides you with numerous options and the opportunity to select the procedure you feel will work best for your lifestyle and your smile goals. Before your consultation, here are three things you should know about straightening your teeth:

The process takes time. There is no magical solution for straightening your teeth. If you want to move them into the correct position and align your jaw, it is important that the procedure follow a natural course. If teeth are pushed into position too quickly, it could lead to root and tooth damage, future sensitivity, irritation, etc. Our goal is to achieve the desired results safely, and that means sticking with a set treatment plan. When we examine you, we will give you an idea of how long it may take to straighten your teeth correctly.

You do not have to wear metal braces. Typically, when people think of orthodontics, they think of metal braces with brackets secured to each tooth. While this is a highly effective and dependable solution, it is no longer your only option. If you want to straighten your teeth discreetly without everyone noticing, then your best option is Invisalign®. Wearing clear aligners can straighten your teeth and align your jaw without being obvious. They are also easier to wear and are supposed to be removed while eating or brushing your teeth, making this solution far more convenient than wearing braces would be. We highly recommend this solution for busy professionals and those concerned about their appearance.

Straight teeth are beneficial for your health. If you are looking for another reason to straighten your teeth, look beyond your appearance to your overall health. Crooked teeth are more likely to get food, plaque, and tartar stuck in between them. This increases your risk for developing both cavities and gum disease, in addition to having bad breath. Also, when your teeth are crooked or your jaw is out of alignment, there is a chance that more pressure will be placed on some teeth than others. This can lead to premature wear and even soreness in your jaw or face.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth, visit our office to learn more about orthodontics. Keep in mind that if you want to improve your smile but are concerned that orthodontics will take too long, we can present you with other options. This includes using dental veneers to make your teeth appear straighter, even if they are technically in the same position. We can also use bonding, teeth whitening, and dental crowns to improve the appearance of your smile quickly. Call today to learn how.