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Why Preventative Dental Care Is So Important

Preventative Dental CareMany people don’t realize the importance of preventative dental care until they face harmful oral issues. People assume preventative dental care means taking a trip to the dentist once a year and having cavities filled. These are a few ways to prevent future problems, but preventative dental care encompasses so much more. Averting serious dental issues like enamel wear and gum disease starts with the basics of good oral hygiene. Anything you do to prevent cavities, to maintain the strong quality of your natural teeth, and to care for your gums falls into the preventative dental care arena.  

In order to avoid serious oral health problems, we encourage you to continue or to start doing a few preventative techniques. This can be as simple as brushing your teeth at least twice daily or after consuming a sugary, carb-filled, or acidic drinks or a meal. Brushing your teeth daily helps remove food particles and stops bad bacteria and plaque growth. If you only brush your teeth every other day, for example, plaque growth has time to occur causing decay in your teeth. Flossing daily is another habit we commonly recommend, though most people don’t do it. Although flossing may seem unnecessary to you, it is the best way to reach food particles and plaque between your teeth, preventing tartar that causes decay. Toothbrushes cannot reach every crevice and don’t provide the most quality preventative care without extra help from flossing.

If you are already prone to cavities, which some people are, you should also avoid decay-promoting foods and beverages on a daily basis. If you have to indulge in a sugary substance and aren’t close to your toothbrush, rinse your mouth out with water immediately afterwards. In addition to these quality practices, it is important to visit our dentist office every six months. Employing these simple, but beneficial habits in your daily life can make a huge difference in your oral health, important for preventative dental care.

This is important for many reasons.  Besides avoiding painful infections, tooth sensitivities, and cavities, preventative care can benefit you in many other ways. One of the main reasons it is important is to protect your wallet. Our dental care is incredibly affordable, but extra and sometimes necessary dental expenses like fillings can be avoided by just protecting your teeth with great home care. Save yourself extra money, that you could be spending on more fun things, by caring for your teeth properly.

Preventative dental care can also save you from worse health problems. Cavities are uncomfortable and annoying in themselves, but bad oral hygiene can lead to even bigger issues. Secondary problems that result from poor dental care can be permanent tooth loss, painful abscesses, periodontitis, and gingivitis among many others. Each of these issues and diseases causes extremely uncomfortable circumstances and long-term complications.

Save yourself some time, money, and worry by implementing preventative dental care for you and your family. We can help instruct and encourage. We can also treat unavoidable issues and be there for you if you do have any dental care needs.