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A General Dentist in Costa Mesa Can Diagnose Your Symptoms

General Dentist in Costa MesaAs a general dentist in Costa Mesa, we encourage you to pay attention to your oral health so you can identify any changes inside of your mouth. Every time you brush, you should be aware of how your cheeks and tongue and roof of your mouth feel, along with how they look. You should look at your gums and see if they are healthy or if they are red and swollen. You will learn to notice subtle changes so you can schedule an appointment with our office as soon as something is irregular or out-of-place. This will prevent you from having any invasive procedures because we’ll be able to treat your oral health problems as they arise and are still small.

A few of the irregularities you should watch for are:

  • Your breath starting to smell badly on a regular basis.
  • Constantly having dry mouth.
  • Red bumps inside your mouth.
  • Your teeth moving out of position or feeling loose.
  • Bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth.
  • White film on your tongue.
  • Dental discomfort when eating or brushing.

All of these can be signs of oral health problems that require treatment. When you visit a general dentist in Costa Mesa, we can examine and diagnose you and then provide you with a treatment or referral to another specialist, such as an oncologist.

These Symptoms Can Be Signs of:

  • Candidiasis. A white film on your tongue that will not brush off or be scraped off could be indicative of a fungal infection known as candidiasis, or thrush. Very often, this is caused by antibiotics or some other type of medication. Since the candida fungus is already in your body, when you get off-balance, too much can be produced, essentially creating a yeast infection in your mouth. You should have this treated as soon as you can.
  • Canker or cold sores. Red bumps or sores could be fever blisters (cold sores), which are a contagious viral infection, or due to canker sores, which are relatively harmless. It is important to know which one they are because cold sores can spread quickly from person to person. Typically, cold sores develop on the outside of your mouth, while canker sores are on the inside. As a general dentist in Costa Mesa, we recommend that you visit our office if you have red bumps that do not go away. This can be a sign of oral cancer, making it important to schedule an examination.
  • Dry mouth. If you have terrible breath that does not go away, you could have halitosis or dry mouth. This condition is often brought on due to age or taking medication, but it can increase your risk of developing all types of oral health problems. Drink more water and visit our office for help.
  • Gum disease. Your teeth appearing longer, shifting out of position, becoming loose, and or having bleeding gums can all be signs of gum disease. Since this condition can lead to tooth loss, you should visit our dentist office for an exam and treatment right away.

Get the Help You Need from a General Dentist in Costa Mesa

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