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In Our Dentist Office We Take the Time to Answer Your Questions

When you visit our dentist officein Costa Mesa, you can expect to discuss various aspects of oral health, including how to brush and floss your teeth properly. We will also discuss the food that you can eat to improve your oral health and more. We take the time to go over at-home care with you so that your teeth have the best chance of remaining in excellent health. During these appointments, patients are welcome to ask questions about oral health care and the appointment process. To that end, here are some common questions and our answers.

Why do people keep talking about visiting the dentist while pregnant?

Our pregnant patients may hear a lot about visiting the dentist while reading magazines or visiting their OBGYN. This is a complicated time in life that often leads to more questions about health care than any other time. We like to stress the importance of visiting the dentist while pregnant. Gum disease can directly place an unborn child at risk. This is not a risk that anyone should take. By visiting our dentist office during a patient’s pregnancy, we can remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth and from around the gums. This process will help the patient remain in excellent health and not have to worry about potential complications. Fortunately, staying healthy is as easy as brushing, flossing and scheduling professional teeth cleaning.

Do you fix loose fillings in your dentist office?

Yes, if one’s filling is coming loose, then he or she needs to schedule an appointment right away. Most of the time, a filling will come loose because of something hard that the individual ate or because the tooth is experiencing additional decay. When this is the case, the filling will no longer be large enough to cover the area in question. It will naturally become loose and need replacement with a larger filling, something we can assist with in our dentist office.

Is there an easier way to clean my tongue?

While everyone knows how important it is to brush their teeth at least twice a day, people may not be aware of how important it is to brush the tongue. Since the tongue can hold onto bacteria, we suggest that patients purchase a tongue scraper from the drugstore. A tongue scraper is a simple plastic tool that will keep the tongue clean by using it once a day. Cleaning the tongue will also help to improve the breath a well. However, if the tongue continues to smell bad or if it is a funny color, then the patient needs to call a dental office immediately.

Can your dentist office treat me if I crack a tooth?

Yes, if you crack your tooth, you need a dental restoration, and you need one quickly. A crack, however small, gives bacteria the opportunity necessary for entering your tooth and, as a result, you may need a root canal in the future. We recommend avoiding this possibility by letting us restore your tooth. We can do so using a dental veneer, crown or bonding. The choice is yours.