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Dental Implants Can Help to Stop Resorption and Restore Your Smile

We can give you dental implants to replace your current prosthetic device. Replacing your current device will take you from an older technology to the best technology dentists have to offer. This technology not only gives you a tooth that looks and feels like your natural teeth, but even acts like it. The days of needing to struggle to put a prosthetic device into your mouth with hooks or clasps are rapidly fading. If you are still using those messy chemical adhesives to attach dentures to your mouth, then you should definitely consider the upgrade. With dental implants, we will surgically insert them below your gum line, making them a permanent solution that you never have to remove. Additionally cleaning your dental implants is as easy as cleaning your teeth.  You simply brush them during the course of your normal oral hygiene routine. With dental implants, you no longer worry about slippage or forgetting them on the nightstand. Instead you have a solution that allows you to improve your quality of life, eat whatever you want, and after a while you may even forget which tooth we surgically replaced.

With the installation of dental implants, you are literally getting a complete package. We are able to restore your teeth in such a way that no one will ever be able to tell which teeth are real and which ones were replaced. Because of the advancements in technology, we only use titanium screws as the implant. This is to ensure that the body accepts the implant and provides it with the support, strength and stability it needs. Titanium is a unique metal – one that has the ability to fuse with the natural organic tissue, like the jawbone, and convince the body that it is a naturally occurring substance. From the implants’ perspective, this helps to strengthen it. From the jawbones’ perspective the replacement of a tooth, with a substance the body is willing to support, helps it to develop, grown, and even regenerate any losses due to resorption.

Dental implants take the place of your natural teeth by helping the jawbone to sustain itself and receive the support of the body. Under normal circumstances, your jawbone has a symbiotic relationship with the teeth. The teeth provide stimulation to the jawbone every time you chew or bite on something. In exchange, the jaw provides a strong and stable base for the teeth. In the event that you lose a tooth, or teeth, the stimulation they provide ceases to exist. This sends a signal to the body that the jawbone is no longer required to do the work of supporting the teeth, and the body begins to resorb the jawbone. This can have disastrous effects on the structural integrity of your face, which is why we strongly recommend implants as a way to shore up your jawbone and preserve both the function and appearance of your smile.  When possible, we recommend that you have an implant placed within the first year since 25 percent of bone loss can happen at this time.  Otherwise, we may still be able to perform the procedure but, if the bone loss has been severe, additional procedures may be necessary as well.

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