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Three Things You Should Know About Orthodontics

If you are considering straightening your teeth with orthodontics, we encourage you to visit our dental office for an examination and consultation. We can conduct a physical exam, take x-rays, and discuss what you do not like about your smile in order to come up with a game plan for how to address those issues.

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Orthodontics Can Improve Your Speech Patterns

If you asked, orthodontics would not rank among the top professionals that people consider when dealing with a speech defect or impediment. Most people would consult with a speech therapist, psychologist, and even a neurologist without ever considering how important the teeth are in the formation of words and hence to the use of language

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Stages Your Teeth Go Through During an Orthodontics Treatment

When we perform an orthodontics treatment, we can straighten teeth, expand palates and correct a patient’s bite.  These are all important stages for creating the perfect smile.  Many people think about teeth becoming straight but forget about the other steps that must be completed.  If you are considering getting braces, here is what you need