Oral Hygiene Basics

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Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

It is no secret that your dental health is very much connected to your overall health. It is important to be especially mindful of this when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, it is not only your overall health that is affected by your dental habits but also the health and future well-being of your child.

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Tips for Picking a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Picking a toothbrush and toothpaste is an important part of oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day is the best protection from tooth decay and gum disease. It helps remove food particles and plaque that are left on a person’s teeth and gums after eating. The bacteria in the mouth convert these food particles and plaque

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Basic Dental Care

At Vanek Dentistry, we help patients throughout Orange County to stay in excellent oral health. With a focus on preventative care, Dr. Vanek takes the time to get to know each of our patients, creating a plan for lifelong oral health. With only one set of permanent adult teeth, it is important to care for

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Types of Floss and Tips for Flossing: Using Proper Technique

Many people spend lots of time going over the different types of floss and tips for flossing, but both are not equally important. When it comes to keeping the spaces between teeth clean and decay free, nothing compares to flossing regularly while using proper flossing techniques. Failing to do so leaves teeth vulnerable to tooth

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Best Tips To Clean Your Toothbrush

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Toothbrush? You use your brush to scrub off food particles from teeth and to remove the disgusting film from your tongue, but rarely do you clean your toothbrush. Cleaning a toothbrush is one of the essential aspects of oral hygiene that helps you stay protected from the proliferation

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Six Bad Habits that Damage Your Teeth

Everyone would love to have a set of white, healthy teeth, but it takes more than brushing and flossing to properly take care of them. It is equally important that you abstain from things that are not good for your overall oral health and the condition of your teeth. Here is a list of habits

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What Happens If I Don’t Floss My Teeth?

If you do not floss your teeth, all sorts of problems will arise. Some of these problems will be limited to your mouth. Others will extend to other parts of your body. In fact, the failure to floss can lead to significant health issues that jeopardize your well-being. Below, we take a closer look at

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7 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Do you ever wonder if the foods you are choosing to eat are damaging your teeth? Most people choose the foods they eat purely on taste preference and not how they might affect the teeth. For example, did you know that eating something as simple as potato chips can potentially cause harm to your teeth?

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4 Crazy Facts About Bad Breath That Are Actually True

Dragon breath, toilet tongue, maggot mouth, the breath of death and even yuck mouth are all terms used to describe bad breath. A condition that everyone gets from time to time – there are multiple causes of bad breath that can lead to unpleasant experiences each day. Here are four crazy facts about bad breath

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When you visit our Costa Mesa dentist office, we will focus much of our attention on preventative medicine unless you are coming in with a very specific problem that needs to be dealt with first. Similarly on this blog, and throughout our website, we have the same kind of focus. We know that the internet