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Dental Glossary to Help At Your Next Visit

If you’ve already scheduled an appointment with your dentist, a dental glossary will help you know your frenum from your gingiva. This glossary will help you understand what your dentist is saying during your appointment so that it is easier for you to understand problems you are experiencing and the available treatment options: Helpful Dental

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Costa Mesa Dentist Warns of Caffeine Overdose

As a Costa Mesa dentist office, we stay regularly updated of news stories and scientific studies that relate to oral health and health in general. We have been studying caffeinated drinks and the negative impact they have on the teeth for some time. You may remember that the acidity in soda is closer to battery

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Costa Mesa Dentist Answers Commonly Asked Dental Questions

As a Costa Mesa dentist, we understand the importance and value of education.  We do our best to educate our patients because an informed patient is better equipped to remain in good oral health in between visits to our office.  As such, we take the time to answer questions during appointments and find that many

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What Does Drinking Coffee and Visiting the Dentist Have in Common?

Good news everyone… here is another great excuse to enjoy your daily coffee break! What do going to the dentist and drinking coffee have in common? According to researchers at the University of Boston, teeth cleanings are not the only thing that can help to prevent gum disease.  Drinking a cup of coffee a day