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Visit Our Dental Office to Get More Out of Dental Care

Our Costa Mesa Dentist Office wants you to expect more from dental care. While most of our patients come to realize the value and having their teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis, you should think beyond these teeth cleaning appointments. As a dentist, we understand the true value of maintaining your natural teeth

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Visit Our Dental Office for Tips for Healthier Teeth

Patients often want to know how they can take better care of their teeth. Along with treating and cleaning a patient’s teeth, we will also use this time to educate the patient on proper at-home care techniques. The bottom line is that proper oral hygiene takes both the dentist and patient providing care. Proper dental

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In Our Dentist Office We Take the Time to Answer Your Questions

When you visit our dentist officein Costa Mesa, you can expect to discuss various aspects of oral health, including how to brush and floss your teeth properly. We will also discuss the food that you can eat to improve your oral health and more. We take the time to go over at-home care with you

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Call Our Costa Mesa Dentist Office in an Emergency

If you or your child is wearing braces, there is a possibility that one of you will need to visit our Costa Mesa dentist office at some point for emergency care. When you first come in for braces or aligners, we will walk you through the process of how to care for the braces and

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Visit Our Dental Office in Costa Mesa If Your Crown Becomes Damaged

As a dental office in Costa Mesa, we treat patients who are struggling with a variety of oral health issues. In many cases, we use dental crowns to restore a severely damaged tooth or a tooth that has had a root canal. For example, if a tooth is cracked, chipped, or eroded, we can place

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Tips for Preventing Sensitive Teeth From Our Costa Mesa Dentist Office

Preventing sensitive teeth is important to patients of our Costa Mesa dentist office.  When teeth become sensitive it can be painful to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth.  This creates an uncomfortable situation where going to lunch with friends may no longer be enjoyable.  We can help you to feel better and to prevent

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Sensitive Teeth? Why Do My New Fillings Hurt?

Why are my teeth sensitive? and How Long Will It Last? The nature of modern dental materials has many advantages regarding the long-term health of your teeth. Unfortunately in order to gain many of the advantages, patients commonly note that their teeth become sensitive (temporarily) after getting small fillings. This on/off cold sensitivity usually reverts

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Lip and Tongue Piercings – Fact Sheet

Many dental offices are seeing patients (particularly young people) with pierced tongues, lips, or cheeks. Such piercings can lead to oral complications, including pain, swelling, infection, injury to gingival tissues, and increased saliva flow. With tongue piercings, damage can occur to the blood vessel and cause prolonged bleeding or even blood poisoning. In extreme cases,

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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) – Fact Sheet

One word: bruxism. Also known as teeth grinding. A lot of people suffer from this disorder unknowingly, as it usually occurs during sleep. And unless the constant racket of your grinding is keeping someone else up, you may not think your sore jaw, restless sleep and general fatigue are symptoms of bruxism. Left untreated, it

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Visiting the Dentist Can be Pain Free with Dr. Vanek

Many adults are fearful of visiting the dentist due to past bad experiences or anxieties formed over time. The reality is that our team approach to modern dentistry is completely different than what you may have experienced previously. New techniques and procedures have made dental work a comfortable experience, especially when working with the skilled