Childrens Dentistry

As a Childrens Dentist we know how important it is for parents to be educated on the oral health of their children from infancy through adolescence. These articles will prodive you with helpful information and tips to ensure your child grows up with a healthy mouth and great smile!

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5 Tips and Tricks to Motivate Your Child for Brushing Teeth

As a child’s dentist we tell parents how brushing their teeth is an important part of a child’s dental routine, but motivating a child to brush their teeth on a regular basis can be harder than it sounds. For a variety of reasons, from a short attention span to sheer boredom, children will not be

child visiting vanek dentistry

Need to Know: Tips for Infant Dental Care

Raising a child is never easy, even with all of the preparations and precautions parents may take. Keeping a child clean and healthy is an entirely different level of difficulty since the numbers of children who enjoy practicing proper dental care are far and few. In many cases, proper dental care needs to start in

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Schedule a Bad Breath Treatment With Our Kids Dentist Office

Has your child visited a kids dentist lately? If their breath is starting to smell, this may be an indication that it is time to come in. While most bad breath jokes tend to focus on last night’s garlic fries, bad breath can actually be a direct reflection of a person’s health. It can symbolize

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Why It’s Important for Your Child to See a Kids Dentist

A kids dentist is a dentist (recognized by the American Dental Association) that specializes in the oral health of children from their infancy, through the various stages of childhood, until their teen years. As one, we also provide information and educational resources to help parents to make informed decisions, thus taking good care of their

baby sucking a bottle

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

A healthy, beautiful smile begins when your child is an infant. Healthy habits taught early will continue to provide benefits throughout your child’s life. But without appropriate care and attention, even babies can develop serious and painful dental disease. The most common cause of tooth loss in children isn’t accidents or injuries – it’s Baby